53-62 Corvette Frame and Suspension


Now you can really enjoy driving your classic 1953-62 Corvette with the comfort, handling, steering, braking, and safety of a modern sports car. Our frame combines the benefits of a world-class suspension with the distinctive styling of the early Corvette. The result is a great looking, great handling car that anyone in the family can drive every day!

Our frame requires absolutely no exterior modifications; your car looks stock, but steers, corners and stops like a new Corvette! And best of all, our frame uses only factory components to keep your Corvette a "genuine Chevrolet."

  • Four-wheel independent suspension for outstanding ride and handling. Totally tunable from cruising to racing
  • Four-wheel disc brakes for maximum stopping power
  • Rack-and-pinion steering for precise control
  • Forged aluminum suspension components for less unsprung weight
  • Computer-designed suspension geometry for optimum handling with modern radial tires
  • Elastomer engine mounts for less noise and vibration


As the original frame has become scarce and horsepower has increased, we felt it was time to design a new frame. Here are some features. Hope you like what you see!

  • Similar in look to the original
  • Main rails have been increased in both size and material thickness
  • X-member has been reconfigured for easier transmission access
  • Accepts up to 3" exhaust system
  • Capable of handling high-horse powered engines
  • New rear tie rod assembly
  • New cast aluminum differential torque arm


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We have some fun videos of our cars out being put to the test as well as some of the magazine articles we have been featured in here