Auto Cross

Sticking with our passion of driving, the Newman Car Creations crew regularly attends the local Autocross. We have found that despite being heavier than most participants, having a long wheel base, the Newman Car Creations wagon does quite well. "The wagon is responsive to any sort of steering input. The brakes are excellent. It stays relatively flat throughout the course, and the combination of all this lets you put it right where you want it through every turn."

Driver of the infamous wagon is Kyle Newman.

A fun video of the 55 in action.


"GTS Customs" Day at AutoCross from WTF Productions on Vimeo.

Paul's youngest son Craig navigating a 68 Camaro with C-4 independent rear suspension around the course at the Good Guys 2011 Del Mar show


This was at the 2012 Good Guys auto cross in Del Mar.  We brought our 55 and the wagon to this event and had a blast playing with both of them! We even made a stop at the market along the way,  The true meaning of "grocery getter"