Chevy Trucks


The stock 55-59 Chevy truck is a vehicle that has a lot of potential, but unfortunately not a lot of ride quality or feel. With our new frame the only thing that is reminiscent of the fifty’s is the great styling. The new frame is constructed of boxed main rail that is considerably more rigid than the stock C-channel. The driving experience of the trucks once the C4 Corvette suspension is installed is such an improvement that canyon-carving will no longer seem like something to do in an exotic sports car!

The pictures of the powder coated black frame is the 55-59 Chevy truck chassis.  The bare metal frame is the 47-54 chassis.

Our 47-54 Chevy Truck Chassis brings your classic Truck in to this century with its all new boxed 3"x 6"x .120" frame. The light weight, yet strong, forged aluminum independent suspension updates the ride quality to something you would not hesitate to jump in and head across the country in. Our chassis are designed so your stock cab and bed bolt back on with no modification. The Corvette suspension, both front and rear, bolt in using the stock hardware and no fabrication is needed. Our NCC Chassis gives you the best of both worlds by retaining the classic looks and letting it perform like a modern sports car.


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